Problems and questions  
A family history which solves all the problems and does not leave any open questions, is an ideal situation that unfortunately cannot be achieved. Therefore, it is very interesting to reach a number of people via the internet, who are interested in genealogy. It is hoped that some of them can add details to the existing structure.

Some of the open questions and unsolved problems are the following:

1. Johann Wolf(gang) Zinckgräff was a district administrator between 1550 and 1572 at the castle Naumburg/Bärenbach near Kirn an der Nahe. Are the dates pertaining to birth, marriage and death of his wife and children known?

2. Laurentius Zinckgräff is supposed to be the brother-in-law of Georg Philipp Kuebler and be related to Eisenlöffel from Bensheim (1594.04.16 witness testimony in front of Licentiate Laurentius Zinckhgraue, councilor in Heidelberg ./. Simon Müller in Hernsheim because of injuries: Aktenband Hessisches Staatsarchiv Darmstadt O 1 A no 54/5).
Who are the other people in this in-law situation?

3. Johann Eberhardt Zinckgräff was one of the three brothers, who were granted the crest letter.
Is there any information regarding this JEZ pertaining to his birth, marriage, death and residence?

4. Julius Wilhelm Zincgref is supposed to be related to Nikolaus Bachendorp (Parnassus Palatinus (no publication year) p 203) and Hans Michael Moscherosch (Franz Schnorr von Carolsfeld, Julius Wilhelm Zincgrefs Leben und Schriften, Archiv für Litteraturgeschichte vol VIII, p 2, 1879)
Are there any other details concerning their family connections?

5. Julius Wilhelm II Zinckgräff, a grandson of the former, appoints as his only heir Marianne Koch, daughter of the Müllheim councilor and pastor Cochius, "who corresponded with me". Later she confirmed "the Zinckgraffsche portrait received in Ffurt on May 1739, J. C, Marie Cochius as only heir."
Where is such a portait? Are there any other paintings?

6. Hanns Christoff Zenckgraff Secretarius is portrayed on an early engraving (allegedly about 1600) with the signature I.F.K.f. [f = fecit].
Who is this HCZ and to which artist does this signature point out?

7. The Family crest letter of the Zinckgräff brothers was written off by Richard Zinckgraf in 1905 from the original.
Where is the original Family crest letter located now?


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