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This web describes the genealogy of the Zinkgräf family. Their name merely represents a particular case of different spellings that have surfaced over the centuries, such as: Zincgref, Zinckgräf, Zinckgraf, Zingraf, and Zinkgraf.Initially this website will deal with the family name and its significance before delving into the family history.

Firstly, the family history will probe the question of the family’s origin as well as its geographic spread in former and modern times. In addition, it will discuss the ancestors’ professions. One of these professions explains the family crest, which was awarded in 1573 by the Palatine Elector Friedrich III to three Zinckgräff brothers.

A further chapter is devoted to the family tree as it is recognized today. Examples from the early family tree illustrate how some of the ancestors are described in European history, particularly in the history of literature. The inclusion of unfortunately still sparse photographic material will add to the illustration of the story.

Finally, open problems and questions will continue to be discussed since intensive research has not yet provided conclusive explanations. Therefore, the author relies on external assistance and would be grateful for any support offered. References concerning literature written by and about the family as well as their historical framework coupled with links to some archives and libraries, will complete the picture.

We owe the extensive prior work conducted on this family history to the merchant and native researcher, Karl Zinkgräf, (1873-1939) who already at the beginning of the 20th century created the basis by researching archives, libraries, church offices and expert family magazines. Contacts with private genealogists, such as the Drs G. Hecht, Pforzheim, Maximilian Huffschmid, Heidelberg, Friedrich Riehm, Breslau, Carl Schliephake, Darmstadt, Adolf Stoll, Bad Dürkheim, as well as Karl Wagner, historian of the town Simmern, Hunsrück, and Richard Zinckgraf, Neustadt an der Weinstraße, clarified many ramifications and connections previously unknown.

In recent times the Neustadt branch has been developed further due to the research conducted by Beth Coad (USA), Craig Hartwig (New Zealand), Fred Haury (USA), Heinz Krumrey (Namibia), Gerhard Schaaf † (Germany), Rüdiger Schloz † (Germany), Georgie Ann Schmalstig (USA) and Raymond Georg Zinckgraf (USA). Additionally, the overseas genealogists have provided clarification regarding the Zinckgraf history in the New World.








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