Family crest  

Family Crest


The oldest survived version of the  coat of arms along with the family tree of the Electoral Councilor Laurentius Zinckgräff and his descendants must have been created after 1673.
It is part of the collection of the Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe (Signature: 73 / J20 Nr. 175)

The blazon – granted by the Palatine Elector Friedrich III along with the crest letter of November 23, 1573 to Laurentius, Johann Philipp, and Johann Eberhart Zinckgräff of Heidelberg – can be given as follows:

A in three pointed yellow or golden and  black parts divided shield decorated with a black fire steel*) within the golden sector is dominated by a white or silvery helmet with a black−golden cover; the helmet is topped by a black tapering old−Franconian hat wearing on its golden basis a black fire steel and on the top a plume consisting of three golden−black−golden oistrich feathers.



*) fire steel: a from iron more or less artistic forged tool, by means of which together with flint and tinder a fire can be made



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